Spring fog

Spring is on its way now for sure.  Many mornings there is a damp, heavy fog laying across the fields.  It’s there because the air is now warmer than the snowy, still- frozen ground.

That right there was my attempt at trying to explain the fog… all scientific-like and pretending I actually know what I’m talking about…  I don’t.

But I do know I love the fog.  It gives everything a sort of eerie, paranormal, horror-film kind of ambience. The birds and animals seem to be quiet and still. Lurking, hidden in the shrouds of the mist.  All dark and mysterious, like my Shagbark Hickory trees…

I took only two of the older dogs to walk with me for fear of losing sight of one of them. I have six dogs, as some of you already know, and they’re all ten shades of crazy.

The dogs prefer to run ahead and lead the way, occasionally stopping to smell the smell of whatever it is they’re smelling. It’s a dog thing – smelling.

I like to stay close to the water and follow along the edge of the banks.  I’m always trying to spot a fish or some other wildlife hanging out in the water.

I did not see or find anything on this walk, other than this little patch of moss peaking through the snow.  Still a sign of life.

I came across a tiny pine tree and I’m debating on whether to dig up and relocate to somewhere near the house.

Reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree at this size… I know you were thinking the same thing, weren’t you?

I bet it smells like Pine?

Something green to look at in the dead of winter is always encouraging when the temperatures are in the single digits, the ground is covered in snow, and you’re at wits’ end with the cold, ready to beat somebody with a snow shovel.  Not that I have ever considered doing such a thing…

I came across several of these “signs of life to come.”  What is it you ask?  It is the egg sack of the Praying Mantis.

A highly desired insect to have in your garden.  You can even buy these things on Amazon – that’s how desirable they are. Fortunately, I have a ton of them on my property.  It’s like my own private army against the shitty, vegetable-eating bugs that all of us gardeners loathe…

The ice is melting.  Spring is coming. ~A





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